Oahu Bar Guide: Where to Get the Best Drinks on the Island

You won’t have to spend long in Oahu to realize that there’s no shortage of welcoming watering holes on the island. Day and night thirsty travelers can find somewhere to pull up a chair and order a refreshing beverage, or two. One day you can chill out on a rooftop with a Mai Tai in hand or get cozy at a hidden romantic spot. Next, you might hit up a microbrewery, or experience the best tiki bars in Oahu. If you’re getting ready for a vacation in paradise, here are seven not-to-be-missed Oahu bars. Top Pick: Surf Bar Waikiki


Hana Koa Brewing Co.

  • Location: 962 Kawaiaha‘o St, Honolulu (a 10-minute drive from the Waikiki Resort Hotel, or a 20-minute ride on the 2 bus followed by a 15-minute walk).
  • Best for: Beer aficionados wanting to sample 15-plus craft brews coupled with an eclectic food menu of burgers, salads, noodles, vegan options, and more.
  • Specialty: Roof Top Pale Ale, inspired by the pale ales that gave the owners the urge to start the brewery. 


Island Vintage Wine Bar

  • Location: 2301 Kalākaua Ave, Waikiki (a 10-minute walk from the hotel).
  • Best for: Wine lovers after an easy-going vibe and the chance to taste a selection of 40 local and international wines and sparkling wines paired with farm-to-table plates.
  • Specialty: Ginger Honey Hopper, which is a fizzy, dry honey wine from an island-based honey and mead producer. 


La Mariana Sailing Club

  • Location: 50 Sand Island Access Rd, Honolulu (just under a 20-minute drive from the hotel).
  • Best for: Anyone in the mood to experience one of the oldest and best tiki bars in Oahu. Comes complete with authentic and nostalgic decor like tiki torches and carved wooden furniture. 
  • Specialty: Mai Tais, and other tropical cocktails, served in cups that depict Polynesian devils.


Lewers Lounge

  • Location: 2199 Kālia Road, Honolulu (about a 7-minute drive or a 15-minute walk from the hotel).
  • Best for: Those looking to break out their stylish resort attire and sip sophisticated cocktails in an intimate setting, all to a soundtrack of live jazz melodies.
  • Specialty: Pink Elephant Martini, which mixes vodka with pomegranate liqueur, cranberry, pineapple, and ginger. 


Sky Waikiki Raw & Bar

  • Location: 2270 Kalākaua Ave, Waikiki (less than a 10-minute walk from the resort).
  • Best for: Uninterrupted views over Diamond Head, Waikiki Beach, and Honolulu mixed with daily happy hour, weekend mimosa brunches, live music, DJ sets, and dancing. 
  • Specialty: Handcrafted cocktails such as Spicy Mangorita, which combines tequila, mango, lilikoi (passion fruit), lime, agave, muddled serrano peppers, and a tajin rim. 



The Tchin Tchin! Bar

  • Location: North Hotel Street, Chinatown, Honolulu (a 15-minute drive, or a 25-minute ride on bus 2 followed by a 5-minute walk).
  • Best for: Couples seeking a romantic and lowkey spot to share small plates, wine, and original cocktails. Offers both an indoor setting and a rooftop patio. 
  • Specialty: Charge of the Light Brigade, a cocktail of tequila, Aperol, fresh lime, coconut cream, and tajin. 


Wang Chung

  • Location: 2424 Koa Avenue, Waikiki (only a 2-minute walk from the hotel).
  • Best for: Fun lovers and party-goers up for a raucous night out, and the chance to show off their singing talents to a packed, inclusive, and always appreciative crowd. 
  • Specialty: Seasonal and Hawaii-inspired cocktails like The DragonLady Cosmo (dragon fruit cosmopolitan).

Whether you’re visiting Oahu with your sweetheart or a group of pals, Oahu bars offer something for every taste and style. Make the Waikiki Resort Hotel your base for an Oahu getaway and you’ll be perfectly positioned for drinking your way around the island.