Try These 5 Food Trucks Oahu Locals & Tourists Love

Sometimes, the best food can be found in unexpected places. The food truck culture in Hawaii is rich in tradition and bursting with creative food inventions. From street food that gets your hands messy to Portuguese donuts and barbeque chicken, you can explore the island for passionate food entrepreneurs and their display of fresh and delicious produce.

Whether you're a foodie planning a trip or an armchair traveler seeking a taste of Oahu, this blog post will leave you craving the unique and delectable offerings that define the island's food truck culture.


Five Top Food Trucks Honolulu and Oahu Locals Love


1. Giovanni's Shrimp Truck 

Giovanni's Shrimp Truck is a monument in Oahu. This shrimp truck on the north shore has been family-owned and operated since 1993. With three locations, you cannot miss their white truck, ready to serve you garlicky shrimp scampi, a hot and spicy "no refunds" shrimp, or a lemon and butter shrimp.

Locations: 458 Keawe St | 66-472 Kamehameha, Haleiwa | 458 Keawe St, Honolulu


2. North Shore Tacos

This food truck in Pupukea offers fresh Mexican favorites, including fish tacos. They prioritize homemade, fresh quality ingredients and local produce. Build a plate with a base of tacos, quesadillas, burritos, nachos, and various toppings. For something sweet, try their coconut caramel flan, made fresh daily with coconuts and caramel.

Location: 59-712 Kamehameha Hwy, Haleiwa


3. Leonard's Malasadas Mobile Bakery

Look for the striped white and red van for a tasty change from the usual with their hot, fresh Portuguese donuts called malasadas. These fluffy treats come in various fillings and have been made using the same traditional recipe since 1952.

Locations: Waikele Shopping Center, Pearlridge Shopping Center, Windward Mall, and Koko Marina Shopping Center


4. Mike's Huli Chicken

Try Hawaii's best huli-huli chicken, a barbequed dish typical of Hawaiian cuisine. Visit Mike's Huli Chicken for a combination of plates with pineapple, rice, salad, and your choice of proteins. Don't walk away without buying some of Mike's Dipping Sauce.

Location: 56-565 Kamehameha Hwy Kahuku


5. Ono Seafood

Are you craving a tasty and nutritious poke bowl? Head to Ono Seafood Trucks for some of the most delicious poke bowls on the island. They use locally caught fish and a special poke sauce. Known for its focus on freshness and quality, Ono Seafood lets you customize your poke bowl with various ingredients for a unique dish each time. Their red van also frequents farmer's markets. Check their social media for times to avoid disappointment. 

Location: 747 Kapahulu Ave | 501 Kealahou St


Top Perks of Trying Food Trucks in Oahu

  • Variety - You'll taste a fusion of Hawaiian favorites and international delicacies - expect a variety that showcases Hawaii's diverse history and heritage.
  • Fresh, fresh, fresh! - There is a celebration of farm-to-table practices in Hawaii and interesting local ingredients. 
  • Pick your view - Grab your grub and continue your walk along the beach.
  • Support and meet locals when you frequent mobile eateries in Hawaii. This adds to the spirit of Aloha.
  • Accessible and convenient - No need to book a table or worry about service. Plus, you can queue in your bikini and flip-flops in true island style. 
  • Sustainable - With a focus on less waste, many food trucks in Hawaii leave very little that will harm the earth.


Food on Every Corner - From Bustling Streets to Pristine Beaches

Discover a unique Aloha spirit as you meet locals, eat from their food trucks, and support small businesses. As you make the most of your adventure in Oahu, browse our Waikiki Resort Hotel blog for more tips for your trip to our beautiful island.