Liliha Bakery

For the longest time, Liliha Bakery's ​chantilly cake, a chocolate cake with a rich buttercream frosting, was its best seller. Although it still may be a popular cake, the coco puffs are what put Liliha on the map. They have a light crust, are filled with a light chocolate cream and are topped with a dollop of chantilly frosting. The bakery still has seating at a retro 1950s diner counter, and if you ever plan to sit down to eat, you have to try a butter roll with your meal. The butter rolls are toasted on the grill until 1 side is golden brown. When served, they come with a bright pinkish, nuclear-looking jelly. Once you spread that on top of that roll, it will become your next delicious guilty pleasure.

515 North Kuakini Street 96817 Honolulu United States

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