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Become part of the Waikiki Resort Hotel team by applying for one of our Honolulu hotel jobs. We seek attentive, hospitality-focused individuals to help maintain our hotel as one of the best choices in warm and friendly hotels on Oahu. Check back often for the latest Waikiki hotel jobs.

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Department Position Description


Waikiki Resort Hotel, Inc. is seeking an Asia Market Research Analyst for its Sales Department in Honolulu, Hawaii.  The Position will research market conditions in order to provide upper management with the market analysis and research needed to service visitors from the key Asian tourist markets to Hawaii.  The Position is responsible for supporting informed decisions by top management.  The job duties include:

  • To analyze and make recommendations on engaging and controlling revenue sources in the Asia markets in accordance with the hotel’s marketing strategies
  • Maximizing the available sales data including, Opera and Delphi systems
  • To constantly monitor and evaluate local, national and international market trends, and the competitor hotels’ sales initiatives, to assist management
  • To research key Asia accounts and groups, to evaluate them based on account performances, and provide research used by management for pricing, inventory, and marketing resource allocation
  • To be aware of community, business, political and social factors that may affect the hotel’s financial performance
  • To ensure the best use is made of technology including Opera, Delphi, the internet or other PMS and catering systems
  • To provide the hotel with external market intelligence to include economy, competition, air seats, trends, business threats and business opportunities
  • To optimize forecasting by providing accurate data on competing hotels for assigned markets
  • To monitor and constantly adapt pricing strategies in the context of competitor strategies and market fluctuations
  • Merchandise the hotel product in concert with other travel elements in order to create a more attractive and appealing product for wholesalers and consumers
  • To be familiar with the technical set up of the Opera and Delphi, general dataflow, database structure and monthly extract procedure
  • To be able to create spreadsheets and databases to facilitate data analysis and marketing efforts

At a minimum, the qualified applicant must have a Bachelor’s or higher degree in Travel Industry Management or a travel industry related business field and at least two (2) years experience as a market analyst/specialist, travel analyst or a related position in the travel industry.  Due to imminent client needs and focus on the Korean and Japanese travel markets, the qualified applicant must have a near-native level of knowledge and ability in either written and spoken Korean or Japanese and have an advanced competency in the other language.  The applicant must also have the ability to speak, read, and write in the English language.

f you are interested in this position, please email  resume to or mail resume and cover letter to 2460 Koa Avenue, Honolulu, HI  96815.

To learn more about positions at our hotel, just steps from Waikiki Beach, please contact us at (808) 922-4911.